Health Food or Healthy Food?

We cannot stress enough on the virtues of home food and the importance of cooking at home in helping one to maintain good nutritional health. Combine this with optimal exercise, rest and relaxation and you have the perfect recipe for a healthy life!

How to create variety in the Daily Menus?

The limited number of the commonly liked dishes and food items then become the ‘least resistance meals’ and are made more often thus further compounding on the monotony of the menu.

Why Weight Watchers, Fitness & Health Enthusiasts should do Meal Planning?

Meal Planning and cooking at home is an opportunity for everyone to make the meals interesting by incorporating a bit of variety and ensuring that the meals check the required boxes in one’s pursuit of specific health/fitness goals.

Busting some Meal Planning myths – 8

Truth be told, no one knows better than us what food will get appreciated in our homes! And thus, no one else can decide our daily menus for us! We will have to do this ourselves till we make someone like AMIYAA App a part of our lives!

Busting some Meal Planning myths – 7

We may have learned some from our mothers, from our friends, and so on. Most people do not check recipes when they are cooking the regular daily meals unless they are new to the process of cooking. In such cases, recipes will help and should be referred to.

Busting some Meal Planning myths – 6

That is a funny take on the activity of Meal Planning. We know that planning will help us eat well and feel good throughout the week, but still, it ends up on the dreaded chore list and often gets skipped. Ease it into your weekly routine and be patient with it and it will grow on you.

Busting Meal Planning myths – 5

The leftovers can be incorporated in the next couple of meals. A bigger batch enough to cater for two times can be cooked in a one-time effort. The perishables can be bought only as required and be used prudently.

Busting some Meal Planning myths – 2

So it is goodbye to buying more for the “just in case” scenario and running the risk of it going waste! Knowing what is going to get cooked also allows you to plan for the required prep like soaking, chopping, kneading, grinding etc., in advance. This way you will end up saving on time and effort and be more efficient when it is time to cook.