Busting some Meal Planning myths – 1

“I don’t need to do Meal Planning! I have been managing the household for years and managing it well. My cook has been trained by me and knows what to make and how to make it. At my age, I do not need to bother with this.”

“Meal Planning may be helpful for people (working/students) in the age group below 40 years. Above 40 to my knowledge, most of us have figured out a system for this.”

“We are young and footloose – don’t need to plan our meals! Sometimes we eat at home and the rest of the time we eat out! How can we plan if we do not know how our days are going to pan out?”

“The App is for women with fixed working hours. Not for us who look at the weather, look at the mood and then come up with what to cook today. I can’t do it. It is too stressful!”

“Haven’t got the time to actually sit and do the meal planning… Need to take out time! Let’s see….”

“I thought that the App will give me meal plans automatically. But here also I only have to make the Meal Plans!”

“Why are you not giving recipes? You should have your collection of recipes from where we can select what we want to make.”

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There are a thousand more reasons like this and then some more when it comes to something that requires a change in a habit. Like all good habits, Meal Planning will also need a bit of discipline and determined effort to become a part of our routines!

We have to be patient for Rome was not built in a day and neither was the six-pack abs! But they are definitely possible with Meal Planning! Really, they are! Meal Planning is a very misunderstood subject and you will have to be patient while we try and bust some of the common misconceptions about it here!

Read this series with an open mind and we hope you will see another perspective.

Busting some Meal Planning myths

Part 1

Myth 1: Meal Planning is not for me!

Meal Planning is for everyone who cooks and eats at home. It is as much for the Working Professional as much as it is for the Homemaker. It is for those who have to decide what food to make every day. It is for those who have fitness goals. It is definitely for those who are managing certain health conditions for themselves or their family members.

It is helpful to provide balanced nutrition to all family members be it infants or senior members of the family and all the ages in between. Meal Planning is good for those who have families and even those who are single!

Meal Planning is for those who like variety. You do realize that that the same ingredient can be made differently using another recipe? Why stick to the same menus, same dishes, same dish pairings again and again? With Meal Planning, you will have a choice. Meal Planning is for everyone who wants to eat good, tasty, and healthy food every day.

To be continued………..

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