Busting some Meal Planning myths – 6

That is a funny take on the activity of Meal Planning. We know that planning will help us eat well and feel good throughout the week, but still, it ends up on the dreaded chore list and often gets skipped. Ease it into your weekly routine and be patient with it and it will grow on you.

Busting Meal Planning myths – 5

The leftovers can be incorporated in the next couple of meals. A bigger batch enough to cater for two times can be cooked in a one-time effort. The perishables can be bought only as required and be used prudently.

Meal Planning & Health

Reducing sugar/salt/oil intake/ having salads and soups/ choosing roasted over fried foods etc does not count as having a balanced and nutritious meal.

How do you start with Meal Planning?

Before you start planning your meals for the coming days, check with the family members what food they are craving for and would like to be included in the meal plan in the coming days.

Why you should seriously consider Meal Planning?

We wake up in the morning and start thinking of what to cook for breakfast up to lunch, maybe.

Why Meal Planning is a good idea for everyone?

In a family, each member has a different choice or preference and that has to be factored in when one is planning the daily menus.