Health Food or Healthy Food?

Health Food or Healthy Food?

This is an interesting question.

‘Health food’ is usually processed food that is available for sale and described such because it is prepared, packaged and marketed as healthy. It is usually sold in retail in fixed quantity packs.

Think about this for a minute – Can ‘health food’ completely fulfil the nutritional requirements of all the family members in an economical and sustainable manner?

Good health is easily achieved through eating the right foods

‘Health foods’ may or may not be strictly healthy for all as the constitution of the same may not be agreeable to all body types.  Some might have fibre but added sugars. Others may claim to be healthy but if you carefully check their labels, you won’t find those very different from other similar products in terms of the macros, micros and caloric values. These are also usually a bit more expensive than the regular grocery items that one buys for the home kitchens.

‘Healthy Food’ on the other hand, is a general description of food or combinations thereof which is deemed healthy for human body.  It basically includes optimal portions of grains, vegetables, proteins & fat.

The required food combinations for each home are different and thus are adapted by the home makers accordingly while also fulfilling the diverse expectations and requirements of their own family members.

It is easy, economical and sustainable to eat ‘healthy food’ as there is plenty of choices and variety available to cater to everyone’s tastes.

The truth is that it is NOT what one eats for a one month/three month/ fixed duration plan but what one eats everyday that defines one’s health in the long run.

Therefore, one must look inwards towards one’s home kitchens for maintainable & healthy food choices.

We cannot stress enough on the virtues of home food and the importance of cooking at home in helping one to maintain good nutritional health. Combine this with optimal exercise, rest and relaxation and you have the perfect recipe for a healthy life!

Being healthy is not the end of a journey but it is the journey itself hence all the more reason for it to be sustainable!  

This journey of good health begins in the home kitchens. Cook & Eat more at home!

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