Meal Planning with Family’s Favorite Meals

Every family has some favorite meals – those which when served elicit a positive response from all and very few murmurs of discontent come forth!  

When one sits down patiently to list these favorites down, one realizes that there are quite a few of them.

However at the time of planning the meals, these obvious choices escape one’s already crowded mind. We are all busy with a lot of things! We are multi-tasking all the time hence when we think about routine maters, we operate from our top of mind recall.

Depicts favorite meals of the family
Family – AMIYAA: What’s Cooing?

At that stage, we seldom have the bandwidth to do an objective analysis of all the possibilities as we are short on time and energy and tend to gravitate towards ease more than anything else. As a result, one resorts to options of what may be available to cook or what may be convenient to cook at that point of time!

What will help us is listing our favorite options in a place where they can be easily accessed by us when required. If one is to give Meal Planning a serious try, then this probably is the best way to start.

Make a list of your family’s favorite dishes in AMIYAA: What’s Cooking APP’s fantastic folder in the library module called “My Handy List’ which can be used for this purpose.

Once this list is ready, you can start with your Meal Planning by choosing any dish from here for a chosen meal on a chosen day. You can use AMIYAA: What’s Cooking App’s Meal Planning module and start with your Meal Planning easily.

It is a generally accepted view that planning helps us to be more efficient not only with our time but also with other resources.

Get started with Meal planning and use the Family’s Favorite meal list to begin with!

Once your planning is done, you will have ample time to organize the required groceries and do the necessary prep work and daily cooking will be a breeze!

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