Meal Planning & Life: Striking a Balance

Instead of thinking and deciding what meals to cook every single day, will it not be better if you were decide the meals for the forthcoming few days?

It will make it easy to incorporate variety in the meals, prevent repetitions and ensure that the meals are balanced in all required parameters.

Depicts a balance in life
AMIYAA: What’s Cooking?

However, as in life we need to be a bit flexible here as well and should be mindful of the following few things.

Having a Meal Plan means that you always know what’s cooking and are fully prepared accordingly.

However, be open to change your plan when you/your family/friends might want to eat out or order in.

Having a Meal Plan is always an advantage but should not hold you back from enjoying otherwise.

Try new ingredients, use earlier ingredients but in a different recipe, pair dishes differently than what you have doing in the past – switch the dal-sabzi combinations every once in a while!

Intersperse with a bundle of meal ideas – old & new and keep the option of bringing them up cyclically open to yourself for days that you may be crunched for time.

Keep the excitement and anticipation quotient high while planning the meals and you are on your way to great meal-time conversations and creating awesome food memories with your loved ones.

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