Why you should seriously consider Meal Planning?

So, why you should seriously consider Meal Planning? Most of us are used to Meal Planning at a go! While we may have some idea for a meal here or a meal there but more often than not, we are deciding the menus from meal to meal, almost at the last minute.

We wake up in the morning and start thinking of what to cook for breakfast up to lunch, maybe.

And the job is not restricted to just deciding the menu for the meal but also ensuring that the required ingredients are handy else that will require more effort and time to organize those too.

Once this planning for cooking and eating the meal is over, we start thinking about the next meal.

Thus we end up devoting a substantial amount of our time planning for the meals every day whether or not we acknowledge it.

What if, we do things differently! On a preferred day, say Saturday morning you sit down to decide your meal plan for the next few days. 

Consider your social and professional commitments of the week, your available time, likes and dislikes, diet requirements of your family, and then plan your meals with these considerations.

Here’s why you should seriously consider Meal Planning!

Meal Planning helps to save time.

When you sit down to plan your meals for the next few days, it may seem like a tedious task initially but it will eventually save you a lot of time. When your plan is ready, you avoid going back and forth on the decision of what to make for each meal.

When it is time to prepare the meal, you won’t need to dash to the stores or order missing groceries at the last minute. You will also avoid multiple visits to the market to buy missing ingredients.

You can plan your trip to the market at a suitable time so that you avoid crowds, and do not have to face long queues at the billing counter. With a grocery list in hand, you will also not aimlessly wander in the shopping aisles and stay focused.

With Meal Planning done, all you have to do is cook – which is not half as difficult as arriving at the decision of what to cook and this answers to the quest of why you should seriously consider Meal Planning!

Meal Planning enables you to save time.  You can use this saved time for something that you enjoy doing!

It helps to save money

When you do Meal Planning, you use your resources optimally and wisely.

With a meal plan ready, you will buy the perishables as per your requirement and not get tempted to buy items, which you are not planning to use in your plan.

You will avoid wastage by not cooking extra unnecessary portions. Having said that if the planned meal is to the liking of your family members and they do not mind repeating the dishes in the next meal, you can cook extra. This way you will save on your cooking effort and be able to cater for two meals at one time. This also helps you save on time, effort, and money.

When you are organized, you can get deals on your planned monthly buying of non-perishables so that you can optimize your home budgets rather than succumbing to deliveries promised in 15 minutes.

You will also be able to reduce the number of times you have to go to the grocery store or order groceries online and hence, this is why you should seriously consider Meal Planning!

With a meal plan in place, you will be able to make more meals at home thereby doing away with the temptation of ordering in/eating out frequently which while being heavy on the pocket is also not great for your health.

A penny saved is a penny earned! And saving on resources is never a bad idea!

Meal planning helps to prevent wastage

When you do Meal Planning, you will be able to estimate exactly what you need to buy and how much you need to cook.

You will also be able to use all that you have bought because everything would have been bought as per plan. There will be no perishables languishing at the back of the refrigerator getting spoilt.

You will also be cooking optimal quantities for each meal and be able to avoid the cooked food going to waste.

You can also incorporate leftovers in your meal plan thus preventing food from going to waste.

Why squander the hard-earned resource when you can save?

It also helps us to eat healthy

When you do Meal Planning, you allow yourself to make healthy food choices for yourself and your family members.

You will be able to create balanced and nutritious meal plans which find favor with everyone’s palates.

Healthy food does not have to be boring or bland.  There are a number of ingredients, cooking styles and recipes, which will enable you to make healthy and tasty meals.

Once you decide on your meal plan, you will have time to figure out how to make the meals such that everyone enjoys them.

Having interesting Meal Plans handy also keeps indulgence-driven junk food binging at bay and enables healthy eating.

You can easily ensure a healthy (and tasty) diet for everyone by Meal Planning.

Meal planning helps to include variety in meals

When you are busy, you tend to cook the same dishes in a repeat mode and also use ingredients in the same manner.

Your pre-occupations do not allow you to move away from your comfort zones thus creating monotony around meals.

When you plan your meals, you enable yourself to consider including different ingredients and dishes in your menu. 

You can include seasonal produce, cook different recipes and make different dishes.

With Meal planning, you can cook different dishes every day without repetition!

It helps to reduce stress

Everyone is under some stress or the other owing to the multiple responsibilities that one shoulders.

Meal Planning can help one to reduce or even take away the stress coming from the constant and continuous need for deciding meal menus.

Once one knows what is going to get cooked in one’s kitchens for all meals and for the next day or more, one can reasonably relax!

With Meal Planning done, one will neither have to worry about what one is cooking or whether one will have all the required ingredients available and handy!

One will also be able to take care of including all family members’ preferred dishes in the meal plan of few days, create a variety in daily cooking and make interesting meals so no one will have a reason to complain.

Meal Planning is a stress-busting lifestyle choice, worth trying!

Enables efficiency

Meal Planning makes us more efficient in terms of utilization of time and effort. We can plan meals when we are free, buy the groceries according to the plan, and be able to manage other responsibilities ably too.

It will also ensure that we remember everything we had planned for and there will be no slip between the cup and the lip.

Meal Planning makes Cooking and Shopping easier, quicker, and focused and thus making the tasks more efficient.

Meal Planning makes life easy with its efficiency.

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  1. Meal Planning is a stress saver. It is such a great idea to plan your meal in advance and save all the last minute botheration ! Thank you so much.

    1. We used to do rudimentary meal planning on paper a few years back. This structured way of doing it can be hugely beneficial, esp for people managing diverse tastes and nutrition needs ! Much needed and life changing …

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