Everyone can be a Masterchef!

Can everyone be a masterchef? Does it fascinate you to watch cookery shows with Chefs demonstrating their cooking prowess? It looks so simple when they do it. This is because it is easy and do-able for them and not only because they are PROS but because of the following reasons as well!

  1. The Chefs KNOW what they are going to cook beforehand.
  2. The Chef is only cooking one dish at a time.
  3. The Chef is also under no obligation to cook what “everyone” will like.
  4. All the required ingredients are ready, chopped, prepped as per the recipe by the support staff, and organized neatly in small bowls, handy for use.
  5. There is no last-minute confusion about a missing ingredient or a risk of compromise because somebody forgot to “soak the rajma” a night before! 😉
  6. The Chefs are under no pressure to use less oil, moderate salt & spices, or cook with health or other considerations in mind. Their focus instead is on aesthetics, plating & driving a perception of rich taste.
  7. Since everything is ready and prepped, the actual process of cooking is merely an assembly of ingredients with aplomb!

This last part is essentially the show that we all watch in awe with our mouths agape!

We do not mean any disrespect to all those talented Chefs out there but only want to draw attention to the kind of planning & support which goes behind the scenes to pull off the recording of each recipe demonstration.

If done right and planned properly at home everyone could be a Masterchef! And we mean it! All it takes is a little bit of planning and everything is sorted.

There is a learning for all of us here.

  1. Get into the habit of planning the meals in advance. It always helps to save time and reduces stress. This will include taking into account the preferences of all family members and their specific requirements for their meals so that everyone’s needs are catered for.

2. Once the meals are planned, one knows exactly what groceries are required for each meal and can proceed to buy/organize accordingly.

3. The required peeling & chopping of vegetables, soaking, marinating, pre-cooking, etc can be done as per the planned schedule. One can even get it done from the service providers if the option is there.

4. When it is time to cook whether one is doing it oneself or someone else is doing it for them, It can be managed easily as this is the least stressful of the activities.

To show the importance and relevance of Meal Planning
AMIYAA: What’s cooking (Indian Meal Planner)

The fact is that the one person who is in charge of providing food for everyone at home has to do all these tasks oneself in most homes. That person, be it yourself, your Mom, Grandmom, Sister, Father, Brother, Cook – each one could do with help. It is high time we all stop taking our daily meals (& how/where they are coming from) for granted and extend a helping hand.

About time we EMPATHISE and participate in the process.

Meal Planning will help and make all this easier!

Start small but do get into the habit yourself or enable the decision-maker of your family to do so and everyone will eat better and live better!

You have to try it to make it work!

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