Busting some Meal Planning myths – 3

Myth 3: Meal Planning means Boring & Predictable Meals

This is not true at all! Meal Planning enables us to consciously incorporate variety in our meals. The change could come from cooking the same ingredient using a different recipe or introducing a new ingredient into the menu or even by switching our usual combinations of dishes!

When you have a plan, you create time for yourself to look through recipes if you want to or even try out new ways of cooking. When we do Meal Planning, we have a way of knowing what we cooked and served in the last few meals and thus can avoid repetitions.

In fact, when you plan on a meal-to-meal basis, you end up cooking food, which is convenient to make and you run the risk of repetitions since you are operating from your top-of-mind recall. This may not be appreciated by the family and will lead to discontent and long faces at mealtimes. Let us face it – we are multi-tasking all the time and have limited bandwidth.

It is not possible to always be ready with an interesting menu on our own. We all could do with some help and AMIYAA is here to help with suggestions and an option for you to curate your own Recipe library or even have a ready reckoner of your Family’s favorite dishes which could then be added to the Meal plans easily.

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